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SOUR FIGS Spring Summer collection party wear

SOUR FIGS is an emerging designer label established in London, with a vision to build a fashion world that is ageless, powerful and versatile. The house of SOUR FIGS is underpinned by a belief that its design is there to inspire the strength and confidence, and the aesthetic should only be redefined by the individuals themselves.

It takes pride in its distinctive design approach, which questions conventional notions of femininity and masculinity, fragility and strength, tradition and modernism. These contrasts and the rebellion are fundamental to the brand's culture and serve as the inspiration for its visually stunning and intense design.

Each collection involves attention to detail, an emphasis on silhouette, and the creative use of materials and fabrics. Each piece from SOUR FIGS is created to be worn on a day-to-day basis without an expiration date. It is not what the trends suggest, but how the individual feels that matters.

SOUR FIGS launched the first collection in summer, 2023. Here the journey begins.